What are donors buying from AG candidates? [Letter]

The recent article in The Baltimore Sun regarding campaign donations in the Democratic primary for attorney general ("Out-of-state groups pump money into attorney general's race," June 20) perfectly illustrates the corruption of the two-party system. Does anyone really believe that out-of-state interests and anonymous donors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence Maryland's attorney general race in the name of good government? This is nothing more than blatant influence buying and would be considered bribery in any area other than politics where it is just business as usual.

Such special interests give to and control both parties. Ideology is left out of the equation. The attorney general is involved in regulations affecting corporations and big business, so influence buying by the same is especially egregious. When the regulated are financially generous with the regulators, what do they expect in return?

Thomas Jefferson said that in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. The question is, do Marylanders deserve better?

In November, voters will have real options to pick from as the Libertarian Party will have candidates on the ballot for governor, attorney general and many congressional districts. I urge voters to explore and consider all options in these races.

Leo Wayne Dymowski, Dundalk

The writer is the Libertarian candidate for Maryland Attorney General.

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