Enough of Ray Lewis

I've had enough of the Ray Lewis drivel in your newspaper ("Lewis' stronger denial should help," Jan. 31). It's bad enough to take up so much space in the Sports section but when his big mug is plastered on the front page, well that's quite overdoing it for me.

The front page should be for more important news of the world instead of another overpaid athlete. Everyone is putting him on a pedestal like he's a god of some sort. Apparently, they have forgotten his involvement in the stabbing deaths of two innocent victims a while back. He was convicted of a lesser charge but that doesn't absolve him of some blame.

So, to all the hero worshipers out there wearing Ray Lewis jerseys and bemoaning his retirement, I have this to say: Do you think the relatives of those two victims are crying in their beer about his retirement? No, they're crying about their loss. So, just let him retire and put real news back on the front page like quality newspapers do.

Gene S. Stiffler, White Hall

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