Leopold: My association with the food bank goes back many years

Omitted from the May 28 Sun article regarding the Anne Arundel County Food and Resource Bank was my relationship with the bank prior to my court-ordered 400 hours of community service ("Arundel food bank chief helps those needing a second chance").

The article mentioned that a citizen in need years ago received a donated automobile from the Food and Resource Bank but did not mention that I donated two of my own vehicles to the bank, when I served in the General Assembly, in order to help two individuals needing transportation to hold on to their jobs. As county executive, when I was compelled to initiate employee furloughs and slash funding for many county programs, I level-funded the Food and Resource Bank to help sustain this vital program through tough economic times.

Contrary to the Sun article's assertion that my community service has put an "uncomfortable spotlight" on the Food and Resource Bank, my relationship with the bank spanning many hears has been positive, including being part of the program's laudable mission of providing a redemption of second chances for its court-ordered workers.

John R. Leopold

The writer is the former Anne Arundel County executive.

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