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Ehrlich no expert on college affordability or politics [Letter]

What a revelation. Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. cares deeply about higher education. And, all of a sudden, he's an expert on the subject ("College: where kids become leftists," May 25).

For anyone who doesn't remember, tuition at Maryland's public colleges and universities increased by 40 percent during his four years in office. His deep cuts to state funding led directly to those increases and reflected a view that students should pay more of the cost. His new found concern about affordability and debt burden is truly a wonder to behold.

Not content with that rewriting of history, Mr. Ehrlich then drags out the old conservative hobby horse that colleges are intent upon turning students into leftists. If he had spent less time in his frat house, he might have discovered that students are not nearly that malleable and that there are plenty of campus conservatives out there.

Protests and debate, even involving commencement speakers, are not a sign of stifling opinions. They are an expression of the freedom protected by the First Amendment.

Laslo Boyd

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