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Obama put politics over country when he killed the Keystone XL pipeline

Upstream Oil and Gas ActivitiesElectionsWhite HouseBarack Obama

President Obama put his own political need to keep the votes of environmentalists ahead of the country's needs when he killed the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline ("White House says no to oil pipeline," Jan. 19). The pipeline would have created tens of thousands of badly needed jobs, and It would have been a reliable source of energy from a friendly country.

Mr. Obama's excuse was that more time was needed to assess the risks involved. Never mind that it had already been studied for more than three years . Can you imagine someone putting their personal self-interest over what undeniably would be best for the country?

If this doesn't convince people of the true motives of this president, nothing will.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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Upstream Oil and Gas ActivitiesElectionsWhite HouseBarack Obama
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