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Kernan hospital should not be renamed

A recent Sun Article by Andrea Walker discussed the University of Maryland Medical Center's intention to rename Kernan Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Hospital ("Kernan hospital changing name," July 8). James Lawrence Kernan was a Baltimore businessman who owned theaters and hotels. Mr. Kernan moved into one of his hotels and converted his mansion and estate to a hospital for children and later to include adults who required rehabilitative care. During his lifetime, Mr. Kernan watched his dream come true and the hospital become a success.

I can understand UMMC spending millions of dollars in a public relations campaign in an attempt to restore the reputation of its recent acquisition, St. Joseph's Hospital. However, erasing in excess of 100 years of history involving surgical and rehabilitation excellence by removing a name that has a worldwide reputation and erasing the generosity of the hospital's benefactor is not a display of progress. I am sure UMMS can find a billboard somewhere else to put its name on. Possibly, they are renaming the wrong hospital.

Herb Norfolk, Glen Burnie

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