Don't give up on Kasich

Electors can still pick Kasich and hand the election to the House

Ohio Gov. John Kasich continues to impress me as an honorable man. He just asked the Electoral College not to vote for him ("Why efforts to persuade the electoral college to ditch Trump probably won't work," Dec. 6). This kind of statement comes from someone who understands the system and knows he needs to support the elected Republican. We need to think differently today. We need to understand that although Governor Kasich cannot go against the party, we must.

We have learned from Donald Trump that when the going gets tough — it's time to double down. That is what we will do with Mr. Kasich. We will continue to support the governor's name in an effort to convince the electors to send the vote back to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mr. Kasich is a person whose actions demonstrate love rather than hate, statesmanship rather than battling for sound bites and public service (since 1978) rather than no public service at all.

Governor Kasich, thank you for your service. I understand your request. However, we will continue to ask electors to use your name to cast a vote for love and unity.

Mark Pinsley, Allentown, Pa.

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