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Columnist Greg Kane put lessons learned on the mat into words [Letter]

As a 30-year retired wrestling coach still active on state committees, I was saddened to hear of the passing of Gregory Kane ("Gregory Kane, former Sun columnist, dies at 62," Feb. 20).

Mr. Kane often wrote about wrestling in relation to his own high school experiences and to the values taught by the nature of the sport. The extraordinary mental and physical requirements led to the development of discipline and a work ethic that many wrestlers display throughout their lives. Mr. Kane certainly lived by that code and wrote eloquently about it.

His article about the legendary coach Elmer Dize transcended the issue of winning or losing and focused on character development ("The critical lessons of coach Elmer Dize," Oct. 3, 2007). Mr. Kane was a young wrestler at City College when he met Mr. Dize and I was lucky enough to work with him at Overlea after he retired from Mervo. Mr. Kane often wrote about how important people like Mr. Dize were and how highly he valued them.

Mr. Kane also wrote movingly about being a beginning wrestler and the challenges that all athletes face. He put into words the lessons that many of us learned on the mat, and for that he will be missed.

Peter Chakmakas, Baltimore

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