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Kamenetz is the 'Wolf of Baltimore County' [Letter]

It seems to me in my humble opinion that Baltimore County Executive Kamenetz has been so pro-business that he has not only forgotten the people of Baltimore County, he has literally ignored them. Now with this new Columbia Gas pipeline due to plow through Baltimore County and Oregon Ridge Park, property owners are being sued by Columbia Gas for not giving up their property and Mr. Kamenetz has nothing to say? ("Columbia Gas sues dozens of landowners for pipeline easements," Feb. 20).

How about that ugly, not needed and congestion causing Royal Farms to be built on the former site of the fire station at York and Bosley roads? Did we really need a mega convenience store and six or eight gas pumps there? I am sure the existing Exxon and Shell stations are peeved at this one.

Oh and let's not forget about the government center in Dundalk and how Mr. Kamenetz sold that land to developers, taking away the peoples land that was used as recreational fields and a community center.

Last but not least, how about that $25,000 raise he gave himself and a 16 percent raise for the county council members? I do not know about you, but I bet you have never seen a raise that size in your lifetime! Yep, Mr. Kamenetz is to slick for the residents of Baltimore County, I cannot wait to vote this joker out!

Scottie Weber, Towson

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