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Don't sell North Point station

Who is giving Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenentz advice, or is he just thinking this stuff up on the fly ("Efficiency but no vision," Dec. 12)? The sale of the North Point police precinct is a terrible idea.

I was a Baltimore County police officer for 31 years and spent approximately one-third of my career at the North Point station. I was elated when the Merritt Boulevard precinct opened knowing that it was in the center of the district and getting onto the main roads to a call for help was simple. Can you imagine the nightmare trying to cross busy Eastern Avenue to get to a call in Millers Island or Turners Station?

As far as the building itself, I'm sure it would be a lot less expensive to paint some walls, throw down some new flooring, and buy some updated furniture instead of blowing millions of dollars trying to build a new lockup area in Eastwood Elementary. Sure, the locker room in North Point could use a face-lift, but it's all in how you treat the building while you are there. It's possible the residents in Eastwood won't get tired of the sirens and screeching wheels of responding officers and angry family members cursing when they leave knowing their loved ones have to spend the night in the pokey.

Find a better way of blowing our tax dollars, Mr. Kamenentz. Maybe you would like to borrow some more money out of our pension system, but that's another story.

Kevin Booz, Baltimore

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