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Kamenetz is a bully; put him in his place on election day [Letter]

"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." While there may be dispute as to source of this famous quote, the content is unquestionable. Government at any level administered through the hand of intimidation, fear and unethical practice "becomes the master and we the people become their servants."

Alison Knezevich's article "Balto. Co. police should not have contacted Dundalk activist, chief says," (July 28), clearly identifies the principle of such intimidation and fear as imposed upon those who dare to contradict or challenge those elected to serve.

The disruptive behavior or lack of decorum as described by police department spokesperson and the intent to provide clarification as justified action is at best a feeble attempt to mitigate such action and at worse a blatant misrepresentation of the truth.

One should ask, is this the first time emotional and passionate testimony has entered the doors of the chambers of the County Council? The answer, an unquestionable, no. Perhaps the more appropriate question, to what extent did the arrogance and self righteous indignation of certain representatives as well as the administration play a part in the inappropriate actions of the police department?

To the degree that anyone elected by the people to serve would dare to utter the words, "it's my job to talk and yours to listen," or smugly state, "oh, is there an election," I can only state, yes there is an election and it is time for the voices of the people of Baltimore County to be restored, to be heard, loudly and clearly. The squelched voices of the people of Mays Chapel, the intimidated voices of people of Dundalk, the ignored voices of the parents expressing concerns for children's education, the discounted voices of all. Yes there is an election, and may the voices of the people unite and send the message, "it is our time to talk."

Remember, every vote counts!

Karen Henley, Oliver Beach

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