On school construction, the election has changed Kamenetz's tune [Letter]

How ironic that Kevin Kamenetz suddenly is "on the side of the taxpayers — and good common sense!" ("Kamenetz trumps Dance," Aug. 4.) And what a shame that many of these critical issues were not deemed to be important in previous circumstances!

Where was this common sense when the citizens of Mays Chapel implored the county executive, County Council and the school system to solve the central corridor school overcrowding problems in ways that included: converting Cromwell Valley to a neighborhood elementary school rather than a magnet school, using unused local school seats to avoid creation of a commuter school, protecting the community from a dangerous onslaught of excess traffic, saving 10 acres of beautiful forested parkland, and selecting far more cost effective ways of creating additional school seats?

Previously, both Mr. Kamenetz and Mr. Dance glaringly failed to "work with communities to come up with viable solutions" and failed to focus on the most cost effective and practical ways to meet the expanding needs of school children in the Towson corridor. Without any genuine discussion or evaluation of community input, the executive and the school board proceeded with their own unwavering agenda!

Now, curiously close to the upcoming election, Mr. Kamenetz suddenly, and ironically, is on the side of the taxpayers and previously elusive common sense!

Whistler Burch, Timonium

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