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KAL channels Thomas Nast [Letter]

Perhaps it's a stretch, but Sun cartoonist KAL is like a modern-day Thomas Nast, whose political cartoons helped bring down the most corrupt mayoral rein in New York City's history, Tammany Hall under "Boss Tweed" in the 1850s.

Mr. Nast capitalized on the high illiteracy rate of the populace of his day but clearly understood the "picture paints a thousand words" theory, and you didn't have to be able to read to get his point.

Fast forward to 2014, and while the illiteracy rate is certainly not what it was in Mr. Nast's day, that's merely been replaced by an abysmal dearth of information. The panels in KAL's March 9 cartoon accurately depict "Barackzilla" and "cowering Pygmy," but the final panel is where KAL takes full advantage of "low information." His narratives aren't "fantasy and fiction" but domestic policy vs. foreign policy.

Stephan G. Fugate, Baltimore

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