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Fifty children set dangerous precedent [Letter]

When did standing up for one's country became a "hate crime?" Over the years, I've been called nasty names whenever I supported the rule of law or pointed out the dangers of illegal immigration. Now it appears the "surge at the border" has pitted American against American. That's a shame.

I would fully support Catholic Charities effort to house these illegal migrant children if only they would say their ultimate goal was to return them to their legitimate families in counties of origin. I would cheer for any community taking on the young people of this diaspora if it was made clear the eventual goal was to return them home.

Sadly, that is not the case. One side is calling the tens of thousands surging over our borders refugees. Even my favorite cartoonist, KAL, gets it wrong — as letter writer Bill Krehbrink recently pointed out ("KAL untruthful about immigration," July 22). These folk are not immigrants, they are individuals who knowingly have broken the law. Were they true refugees, they would be going everywhere — Mexico, nearby countries, even to the Caribbean, but they are not. Look at the pictures of that Mexican train called "La Bestia" ("the beast"). Immigrants don't arrive that way. Even hundreds of years ago when they did, they were screened and many were deported.

Fifty children is a small number, but it is a dangerous beginning. If Catholic Charities promised they would aid in returning these kids to their rightful families, I would support their effort. But that is not the case. Once the children are granted asylum, which appears to be the ultimate goal of the Obama administration, their families will join them in the United States.

I wasn't born yesterday. I've read my George Orwell and I recognize "thought police" and the language of "newspeak" when I see it.

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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