What does Morgan have to do with the College Park murder-suicide?

I grew up in Baltimore reading The Sun, The Evening Sun and The News American initially for comics then on to sports and finally the actual "news." I remember my English teacher at City College, Mr. Rosskopf, teaching us about H.L. Mencken and the heyday of journalism in America. I wake up Wednesday morning in Afghanistan to find the legacy of that time in shambles. The Baltimore Sun has became a joke when a headline that read "College Park shooter identified as Morgan State University graduate" (Feb. 13).

What bearing does his undergraduate institution have on this crime? None, only to implicate and associate my alma mater with his actions. Is it customary to identify every association in a person's life with their actions? Why did you stop at college? What about his high school, what about his kindergarten teacher? Are they somehow connected? His actions were his own, there was no class on fire starting or marksmanship in the curriculum. He had problems as an individual, not as a student.

This is the second time that "Morgan" has been linked to a crime that did not happen on campus. In today's America people are easily misled, and your headlines play into misconceptions and foster racism and ignorance as evidenced by some of the readers' responses. Their replies were to the headline, not the article, as Morgan was not mentioned in the article or than the statement "Green, who had graduated from Morgan State University..." Is there a broader theme or are you just looking for shock value to sell newspapers at the expense of the university? Either way, journalism is definitely in trouble.

Troy K. Mitchell, Camp Eggers, Afghanistan

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