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Job losses aggravated by greed

Kudos to Bill Barry for his comprehensive explanation of why jobs lost during the Great Recession are not coming back ("A farewell to jobs?" Feb. 8).

The list of reasons is extensive: new technologies that obviate the need to rehire workers, corporate mergers, government cutbacks, increased productivity, and off-shoring of jobs, just to mention a few. (Not mentioned is our ever-increasing population, which only makes the problem that much worse).

Mr. Barry's article gives the lie to the so-called "job creators" and their political stooges who keep insisting that cutting taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations will stimulate employment. As Mr. Barry notes, the "job creators" are doing everything possible to cut labor costs, from reducing hours so as to avoid providing health insurance to paying wages that keep millions of Americans in or near poverty.

This is not a formula for creating jobs or rejuvenating the economy. And nothing is likely to change until we decide once and for all to put people ahead of profits.

Howard Bluth, Baltimore

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