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Government can do a lot to heal the economy

Dan Reed's argument that job creation requires the government to just get out of the way makes little sense ("Government's job: stay out of the way, Oct. 19).

Economists agree that the three most important things the government can do to create long-term jobs and re-energize the economy are to invest in infrastructure, education and scientific research.

All three are essentially governmental functions. And our principal global competitors, China, India and Brazil, are investing a far greater share of their wealth in these areas than we.

Studies have shown that a dollar invested in road repair and construction will yield a 12 percent return from reduced accidents, fuel consumption and time-killing travel delays. Every dollar invested in educating our children brings even greater returns.

As for eliminating government regulations, one only need recall that it was lack of regulations on the banking and finance industries that led to the Great Recession of 2007.

Jack Kinstlinger, Baltimore

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