Fire Gary Maynard over Baltimore jail scandal

Saturday's Maryland Voices page laid out a clear example of Baltimore governmental failure and the typical attempt to talk it under the table ("Laying blame," May 11). The Baltimore City Detention Center issue has made the city the laughingstock of the country. Del. Pat McDonough lays it out on the table clearly. It's time for action. Cut the head off of the snake and get rid of corrections chief Gary Maynard, who's has been in a deep sleep for six years, ignoring the incredibly dire circumstances of the public infrastructure which he has been appointed to manage.

On the other side of the debate, Del. Frank Conaway Jr. lays out the typical governmental response to a problem that is so incredibly simple. First: complicate the issue. Second: don't rush to conclusions. Take a ton of time. Study, analyze. Third, and finally: When another year or two has gone by and everyone has had a chance to bulk up their compensation and fringe benefits, get back to sleep or just retire and ride the taxpayer magic carpet. Gov. Martin O'Malley's response of "zero tolerance" and then back to his presidential ambitions and doing nothing exemplifies the problem.

The joke is on us.

Gary Moyer, Baltimore

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