Jail corruption a huge embarrassment [Letter]

Even though it has retained the name "Baltimore City Detention Center," Baltimore's jail has been transformed from a mens' incarceration facility into a downtown social club ("New charges widen jail corruption case," Nov. 22).

How did this occur? I believe it is twofold: The Black Guerrilla Family coaxed many prison officers to abide by their rules, however convoluted that may sound. Secondly, I believe too many people in position of power either looked the other way or were totally ignorant to the goings-on around them.

I believe accountability has to start at the top. Would this convoluted abuse of power have occurred if our absentee governor had been more attentive to goings-on in his own state? Did he not swear under oath to "protect and serve" his constituents?

Once again, we will be the laughingstock of the late night talk show hosts. I am growing weary of our fine state being portrayed as the horse's keister of the nation.

Why, in the name of incredulity, would any Marylander choose to pick up a fiction novel when we have these kinds of charades unfolding in our own backyard?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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