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Campaign money corrupts? Absolutely! [Letter]

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What do the articles "Kamenetz and developer funding campaign chest" (May 20), "Kamenetz the kingmaker" (May 22) and "Craig, George call for investigation of Hogan" (May 21) have in common? They all elicit a feeling of absolute disgust on the part of readers when it comes to the role of campaign financing in elections.

Isn't it disgusting to learn of the wheeling and dealing taking place and the accusations being made regarding campaign finance? In the political arena, information and ideas should be power, not money.

The articles clearly demonstrate that money is the muscle behind campaigns, and money corrupts. The only solution to real campaign finance reform is that of Democratic candidate for governor Ralph Jaffe: Do not take campaign contributions from anyone — period.

In my 2010 and 2012 campaigns as a teacher, not a politician, running for governor and senator, I made a commitment to my students and to the voters of this state that I would not take any campaign contributions because they are bribes. And I kept my word. On a budget of $750 I received approximately 23,000 votes. Per dollar, I got more votes than any other candidate running for public office. For this election in 2014, my budget is $450 — and I intend to win.

Until we get candidates who are willing to adapt the Jaffe solution, the citizens of Maryland will continue to be the victims of a morally bankrupt government.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer is a Democratic candidate for governor.

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