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Beretta's double standard [Letter]

After reading the Jonathan Lowy's recent commentary, I was stunned to learn of the extent to which the Italian government invests in protecting its citizens and children from the merchants of death at work in the U.S., where profits for gun manufacturers like Beretta soar to grotesque heights ("Beretta's economic blackmail," Feb. 13).

Equally disturbing is the absence of conscience and ethics demonstrated by politicians whose priorities are focused on collecting "donations" from those working to dismantle gun safety legislation in the U.S.

It is clear that U.S. gun violence is something Mr. Beretta has no interest in subjecting himself to, given his choice to endure the daily "disrespect" of Italian gun laws that ensure his own safety.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. congressionally enabled gun-slaughter of American citizens and children continues.

Kathy R., Rochester, New York

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