Where's the outrage over Palestinian rocket attacks on civilians in Israel?

After a very short period of peace, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have resumed their attacks on Israel, launching massive numbers of Grad rockets at schools, playgrounds, hospitals and homes ("Israeli strikes, Gaza rockets end weeks of relative calm," March 11).

But where are the voices of protest from the "peace" activists, the United Nations and the media condemning these attacks on Israeli civilians? The record shows that when it comes to attacks on Israel, they keep silent.

Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2000 with high hopes that Palestinians would re-build their lives, invest in education, job development and other ways to improve the lives of their people.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians have invested in weapons, in recruiting and training terrorists, and of course on sophisticated propaganda against Israel.

The United States and the international community should unequivocally condemn these attacks and cut off ties with Hamas, the terror organization that now controls Gaza. Hamas receives both money and weapons from Iran, and it is committed to destroying Israel.

The United States and the international community should make it clearer than ever that they hold Iran responsible for arming and financing these terrorists and that Iran's drive to develop nuclear weapons will be stopped by whatever means necessary.

Ziva Giliya, Timonium

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