Obama visit first step on difficult road to peace

"Peace is necessary, just, and it is possible," President Barack Obama told Israelis last week in Jerusalem.

His visit to the region was a crucial step in the pursuit of peace. President Obama recognized the ancient Jewish connection to Israel and the necessity for a Jewish state. He understood the grave challenges threatening its survival and that responsibility for resolving the conflict will have to be shared between Palestinians, Israelis and the international community. At the same time, he made clear that the U.S. will stand with Israel as it considers the difficult compromises necessary to achieve peace.

However, a single speech is not enough. The difficult work that comes next requires a serious, sustained diplomatic initiative and bold American leadership.

All Americans who yearn for a safe, secure, democratic Israel living in peace with its neighbors must seize this moment and show the president and our representatives in Congress that we strongly support and expect U.S. engagement to help Israel and the Palestinians work together to finally resolve this conflict with a two-state solution.

Aaron Levin, Baltimore

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