Pain of grieving parents is the same for Israelis and Palestinians — and should be reported that way [Letter]

How wonderful that the Arab-American boy beaten by Israeli police can return to his mother's arms and have columnist Susan Reimer report it on your front page ("Teen reportedly beaten in Israel riot was born in Baltimore, family says," July 6).

Alas, there are three Israeli Jewish mothers who will never welcome back their sons to their arms. Where is your picture of those grieving mothers? On the inside pages — and small.

One of these mothers has condemned the murder of another Palestinian boy, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres have called the Palestinian parents to express their outrage and sympathy. Has this been reported on your front page?

Israeli police have arrested the Jewish suspects in the case. What have the Palestinians done?

Is police brutality justified by any agency or state? Of course not. But what of good journalism that reports the full truth and gets all the facts straight?

Ms. Reimer stated later that the incidents provoked rocket attacks. In truth, Hamas, a known terrorist organization, has been launching unprovoked rocket attacks into southern Israel for years.

Now that Israel is retaliating as any nation would do to protect its citizens, it will probably be condemned. I would ask Ms. Reimer, whose commentaries seem so family-oriented, to call Israel and ask to speak to the Israeli mothers who will never see their children again.

E. W. Ray Sarvictch, Baltimore

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