Where do their loyalties lie? [Letter]

Your article about U.S. citizens serving in the Israeli Defense Forces doesn't address where their loyalty lies. Is it with Israel or with the U.S., since they chose to serve in a foreign country's military rather than their own ("Americans find meaning in Israeli military service," Aug. 4)?

What happens when these fighters return to the U.S. and enter government or media, as so many of them do? Will they continue to put Israel's interests and security ahead of America's, promoting Israeli propaganda?

Finally, were any of these Americans involved in Israel's war crimes against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, including the massacres of children on beaches, schools, playgrounds and UN safe houses?

The American people have a right to know if our citizens are committing atrocities in our name that violate international humanitarian law such as what is happening now in Gaza.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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