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Palestinians have more to answer for at the ICC than Israel

If the actions of Islamist extremists aren't war crimes, what is?

I must respond to your recent report that the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has launched a preliminary probe into alleged Israeli war crimes in the Palestinian territories ("International Criminal Court opens probe into possible war crimes in Palestinian territories," Jan. 17).

If anyone should be held responsible for war crimes in Gaza or the Middle East it should be the Palestinian Authority leaders. They used their children as human shields and forced women and children to remain in the very areas that Hamas and its allies were shooting rockets from.

From the womb to the tomb, the PA and radical Islamists teach their children to hate and kill Jews and infidels in the name of God.

Israel has a right to defend citizens, and if these are not crimes against humanity what is?

The PA's Fatah faction and Mr. Abbas have periodically bragged about their alliance with Hamas. So I say to Mr. Abbas: You have more to answer for at any ICC investigation of war crimes than does Israel.

To President Barack Obama I would say: Please don't give Americans a false sense of security by saying these terrorists are not Islamic extremists who want to kill us. They've already said "we will see you in New York soon." They are determined to do the same here that they have been doing in Gaza — create havoc through murderous attacks on defenseless civilians.

Barbara Bloom, Owings Mills

The writer is president of Peace Through Torah Truth Inc.

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