Sympathy for Palestinians, not for Hamas [Letter]

I have always found it easy to look at Israel as the bad guy ("Conflict over Gaza is one-sided," July 16). This time, I find it hard to continue that stance. When Hamas continues to support the extinguishing of the Israeli state, I have to wonder who is the bad guy. To me, it doesn't matter who has the superior firepower. It is more a case of what makes sense when considering who makes sense.

The Palestinians do deserve a homeland as much as the Israelis. The troubling part is, they have the wrong group in Hamas supporting the Palestinians. You cannot expect peace if your main goal is to eliminate your neighbor. It would be helpful if Israel would stop using land meant for a Palestinian homeland by continuing to build on it. But it is just as crucial for the Palestinians to accept an area of land that Israel has determined to be acceptable to them. It would be a start to a long lasting peace. Later, it might be able to be adjusted for an even friendlier neighbor-to-neighbor living situation.

The whole world awaits an end to this historically long battle. Let us support both sides equally. It really is their rights to survive that we support. Let us find a true, just peace for those who are suffering through this ongoing waste of life and property.

Brian Reynolds

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