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Netanyahu makes excuses not to talk [Letter]

IsraelHamasFatahPalestinian Unity Pact (2011)Benjamin NetanyahuPalestine

The article, "Netanyahu: Don't sign off on new Palestinian government" (June 2), describes disingenuous remarks made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemning the formation of a Palestinian unity government combining Fatah and Hamas factions. In fact, Israel has twice negotiated with Hamas, once in 2008 for a cease fire in Gaza (which Israel violated) and then to free a captured Israeli soldier.

Mr. Netanyahu continues to make any excuse in order to avoid a two state peace settlement with the Palestinians. The U.S. should give Israel an ultimatum: Either agree to a peace settlement based on pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital or the U.S. ends all financial, military and political aid to Israel. Without U.S. support, Israel would be forced to end its occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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IsraelHamasFatahPalestinian Unity Pact (2011)Benjamin NetanyahuPalestine
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