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Obama has been good to Israel

IsraelWalter CronkiteDan QuayleBenjamin Netanyahu

In Rafael Medoff's recent op-ed ("The president and the Jews," April 24), he makes two basic contentions. One is that President Barack Obama regards Israel as a "nuisance." The second is that the purveyor of that opinion, Gary Rosenblatt, editor of the Jewish Weekly, may turn out to be like Walter Cronkite in his influence on voters.

Regarding the first assertion as to Mr. Obama viewing Israel as a "nuisance," here is what President Obama has done regarding it: He killed Osama bin Laden. He helped get rid of Libya'sMoammar Gadhafi. He has funded Israel with more money than any other president in history. And in September of 2011, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly said, "Through your actions, Mr. President, you deserve a badge of honor, and more world leaders should follow your example, Mr President." If he is good enough for Bibi, he is good enough for me.

The second assertion, that Gary Rosenblatt is akin to Walter Cronkite, I will recast Lloyd Bentsen's famous remark about Dan Quayle comparing himself toJohn F. Kennedy. I knew Gary Rosenblatt. He is a fine fellow and good at his craft, but frankly, Mr. Medoff, Gary Rosenblatt is no Walter Cronkite.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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IsraelWalter CronkiteDan QuayleBenjamin Netanyahu
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