In Gaza, the U.S. faces a choice between supporting a faithful ally or a terrorist gang [Letter]

In his demand that not only should the U.S. end further aid to Israel, but that Hamas also should be given free access to shipments into Gaza, letter writer Cassidy Regan overlooks the realities of the conflict between Hamas and Israel ("Cardin, Mikulski should call for ending U.S. aid to Israel," Aug. 5).

Israel, as the only true democracy in the Middle East, is not only a stalwart ally of the U.S., offering our nation an unsinkable ship for the deployment of our forces in the region, it also provides technological support for our military.

Hamas, by contrast, is the face of international terrorism, supported by North Korea, Iran and Syria. Even with a limited blockade of Gaza, Hamas has been able to smuggle in thousands of rockets and build tunnels to attack Israeli towns on its borders. Israel in the meantime has supplied food, medicine, fuel and electricity as well as construction materials, only to find that they have been diverted for terrorist purposes.

Israel is a staunch ally; Hamas is part of a worldwide terrorist group, devoted to radical Islam and the extinction of other religions. Whom should we support?

Nelson Marans. Silver Spring

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