Israel's critics ignore discrimination in the Arab and Muslim world

The article by Zainab Choudry and Saqib Ali on Israel's supposed discrimination against Arab-American and Muslim citizens is missing a big part of the story in the Arab and Muslim world ("Don't let Israel discriminate," April 30).

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had to personally intervene to allow Jewish reporters on his plane to enter Saudi Arabia, since Jews weren't allowed. Christians in Arab lands are harassed and persecuted on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, Muslim women are considered property upon marriage, and the Arab Spring in Egypt has replaced one dictator with another.

Why is there no comment or demonstration against the massacres in Syria, where over 70,000 people have been killed and several million people displaced by one sect?

I believe the Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has a lot of work to do in its own neighborhood.

K. Birnbaum, Baltimore

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