Iran pact is a win-win [Letter]

The commentary, "What really happened in Geneva? Ask Iran," (Dec. 6), could not be further from the truth when it rails against the recent nuclear accord with Iran. In fact, the deal is a win-win for both sides, helping to ensure a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

What the writer really wants is regime change in Iran, not a peaceful resolution. Fortunately, the world powers ignored those who opposed the deal, especially Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been screaming about non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons for over 20 years. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz titled a recent editorial, "Israel uses Iran to sidestep Mideast talks."

Now, the U.S. must pressure Israel into a just two-state peace settlement with the Palestinians based on pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. Ending Israel's 45-year occupation will not only benefit the Palestinians, but Israel and the U.S. as well.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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