America's growing problem with income inequality

The worsening problem of income inequality in the United States gets little play in our media these days. The Reagan Revolution, aided and abetted by the Bushes 1 and 2, has left us with the most extreme situation of any major country.

The top 1 percent of Americans control 42 percent of the country's wealth while the bottom 60 percent control just 2.3 percent. Moreover, the top 1 percent receive fully 93 percent of all new income while the bottom 99 percent make do with what's left.

I suppose when the notion of trickle-down economics was floated, this type of disparity was actually an clearly articulated plank of the Republican Party platform. Though they no longer state it, the GOP continues to advocate policies, such as tax cuts for the wealthy, that perpetuate and further exaggerate this disparity.

How much more extreme will these inequalities of distribution become? In the current political climate, there is no end in sight. This is a disaster, and turning the tide of inequity should be at the top of our national agenda. We need to summon the political will to address this issue before it is too late.

John Bonn, Towson

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