America can't take care of all the hemisphere's poor [Letter]

The children flooding our borders are being cared for as no other country has ever cared for a population that illegally entered it.

They are being fed and housed and cleansed of many diseases we had thought eradicated in this country years ago. They have, for the most part, come here and surrendered, hoping to be reunited with parents or relatives after having been given a "permiso" from our government.

A huge lie has been fed to them. The president wants $3.7 billion to care for them and to keep them here. They are being processed and released with a future court date they will never make.

I have a solution of sorts: The president should use the money to build a wall along the border to secure it. We should also separate the "children" into pre-teens, teens and those 20 and over. Those 20 and over should be sent back immediately, and the teen gang members as well.

I know of no country that has taken in the entire population in poverty of an entire continent, while ignoring the plight of its own citizens in need.

The people screaming at the busloads of people being taken in are watching their own existence and future being made worse.

Joseph Schvimmer, Pikesville

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