We have a moral responsibility to treat child migrants humanely [Letter]

Commentator Jonathan Farley's call for the deportation of more than 50,000 young refugees from Central America is so infused with misinformation, vitriol and thinly veiled xenophobia as to preclude concise rebuttal ("#Sendthemback," July 22).

Notwithstanding Mr. Farley's anti-immigrant blather, these children did not undertake their arduous journey to the United States in order to abscond with our jobs, exploit our wealth or secure an indolent lifestyle.

Instead, like all children, they merely seek — and deserve — the safety, security and care that their own countries are no longer able to provide.

Certainly the U.S. is not responsible for the terror and unspeakable violence that pervades their countries of origin. However, the presence of thousands of children who are now under our jurisdiction no longer allows us to indulge in the callous fantasy that they are "not our problem."

As Mr. Farley suggests, the U.S. has the means to forcibly return these children to their home countries, where they face near certain death. We likewise have the means and moral responsibility to ensure their security by giving them safe refuge within our borders.

As a nation of immigrants ourselves and a guarantor of freedom, it is incumbent upon us to do the latter.

Irwin Fried, Baltimore

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