Have you walked a mile in their shoes, Mr. Farley? [Letter]

Commentator Jonathan David Farley writes that Central American children crossing our borders should be deported immediately ("#Sendthemback," July 22).

I have only written a response to an editorial once before, but I thought I needed to take it upon myself to respond. Being 13, I suppose most adults with Mr. Farley's mindset wouldn't think that a girl my age would know much about the topic or even really care about what's happening at all.

But I will tell you this: I'm responding to your letter not to be hurtful or judgmental but only to offer an opposing view. You write that "the violence in Central America is not our problem, nor are its children." But I suggest this is our problem because we are the ones who created it.

If Americans would stop injecting $190 billion worth of drugs into their bodies we wouldn't have this problem because the cartels would go out of business. We are their market, so it would be an effective way to stop the trade.

Unfortunately, we Americans only care about our own personal happiness and well-being, not noticing the effects it has had on others that are around us.

Our drug use is increasing the number of child laborers used by the cartels. This problem will only grow if Americans won't take responsibility for what they have done to cause it. Does Mr. Farley actually realize what will happen to these children if they are sent back?

How would he feel if he were one of the children going through this? He claims he was a "Fulbright Distinguished Scholar," so shouldn't the answer come easily to him?

Veronica Jane Musican, Odenton

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