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No amnesty for illegal immigrants [Letter]

Illegal ImmigrantsMigrationImmigration

We must secure our borders now before it is to late. Our country is in great peril, and if the Democrats and the current administration get their way we will be in big trouble.

Dangerous criminals, drug traffickers and human traffickers will come freely through our borders. Our current administration cannot be trusted as it shows no intentions of securing our borders. Any amnesty plan for illegal immigrants will only present a clear and present danger to our national security. The push for amnesty for undocumented immigrants must be stopped now.

We will be paying more and more taxes for illegal immigrants that should have been deported to the countries they came from. Amnesty will not make out communities safer but will only spell disaster for us.

Any U.S. senator or representative that preaches amnesty should and must be voted out in November.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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Illegal ImmigrantsMigrationImmigration
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