Spend money on Baltimore, not illegal immigrants [Letter]

I do not understand why President Barack Obama wants to spend taxpayer money providing for illegal immigrants. Whether children or adults, illegal immigrants should be deported. If our immigration policy needs to be reformed, then fine, but you don't stop enforcing the current policies until a new one is passed.

If we have $1 billion to $3 billion available, my vote is that it be spent right here in Baltimore City where citizens are living in a violent and poverty stricken environment no less dangerous than in Central America. Mothers have to worry about allowing their toddlers to play on the stoops for fear of a stray bullet hitting them. Teenagers are at risk to being stabbed or shot to death by simply walking down the street. Many pools and recreation centers have been closed, so there is no place for these children to cool off in this hot weather or play in safety. The Sun had an article recently about Stop Shop & Save closing its city stores. Where are the citizens going to be able to buy healthy food if there are no local grocery stores? Wouldn't it be nice to take some of those billions of dollars and invest them in our own citizens? I certainly hope we have at least one representative step up to the plate.

Peggy Alley, Baltimore

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