We're spending money on child immigrants in the wrong place [Letter]

I'm familiar with St. Vincent's Villa's facilities and the great work they do. Theirs is the first location, in Maryland at least, that makes sense as a place to house the children illegally crossing our borders ("Catholic Charities seeks to house immigrant children in Baltimore County," July 17).

But I have questions. How much will the federal government, using my taxes, pay St. Vincent's for this effort? How long with the contract be set for? And what materials will be purchased, such as bedding, entertainment, etc. and at what cost?

How many additional workers will St. Vincent's need to hire and at what ratio of employee to child? What will be the cost of medical care and will there be a medical staff on site? How many of the new workers will need to be able to speak Spanish? I would guess 100 percent.

This list could go on, and if someone really does sit down and figure out the cost, keep in mind this is only for 50 of some 70,000 who have come to this country illegally.

My point is that rather than spending the money here, with its negative impact on just about every phase of life and services, why not spend it in the children's countries of origin to solve the problems that are driving their parents to send them here in the first place?

That seems like a rather simple and logical solution to me.

Richard T. Webb, Parkton

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