Illegal immigrant tuition: More rewards for those who break the law

Right after I read The Sun article about the Supreme's Court's refusal to hear arguments on in-state tuition ("Justices decline tuition lawsuit," June 7), I turned on the evening news to see the same story. The station showed a parading throng of jubilant young illegal immigrants waving the flags of their south of the border countries, including one gleeful young woman entirely wrapped in a Mexican flag.

So much for "New Americans." People entering another country for personal advantage while retaining primary loyalty to another country. What is that word for that again? Oh yes, invaders!

So these "New Americans" will become citizens and swear loyalty first to the U.S. — which will be a lie. Well, all the lies and cheating that goes with being an illegal immigrant has earned them scarce government money, jobs, and now limited college slots that might otherwise go to loyal citizens.

Honesty is a joke. And our own people are helping them put one over on the rest of us! Whoever said "I have seen the enemy and he is us" was not kidding.

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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