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Effort to block tuition referendum is shameful

Shame on CASA de Maryland, the group shamelessly advocating for illegal immigrants, and the ever-flaky ACLU. They are trying to sift through signatures on the petition against in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in order to throw out as many signatures as possible.


Obviously, CASA has no respect for the rule of law and the rights of law-abiding citizens. But the ACLU pretends to be about individual rights even if the individuals are not legal and breaking multiple laws. The organization is working overtime to prevent the basic right to vote on a state issue.

Why would these groups and other groups and individuals try to block the vote Instead of campaigning on behalf of this issue? If they are so sure of how wonderful in-state tuition for illegal immigrants would be, why not bring on the referendum?

Or is it possible they are afraid of democracy and seek to win by preventing voting?

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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