Illegal immigrants will destroy America as we know it [Letter]

The influx of illegal immigrants can and will cause the decline of America as we know it and present a imminent danger to our safety and security as well as a huge economic decline on the horizon. It's estimated that more then 11 million illegal immigrants are already in this country with more and more invading us every day, and the federal government is doing absolutely nothing to stop this insanity. If the Democrats and President Barack Obama get their way, more dangerous criminals, drug traffickers and human traffickers will continue to cross freely across our unsecured borders.

If Mr. Obama gets his way, we can look forward to living in fear, paying more taxes to support these illegal immigrants and feeling unsafe in our cities and communities.

Our schools and hospitals are already overloaded and overtaxed because of these people who do not belong in this country.

Now Mr. Obama wants to use his phone and pen to legalize yet millions more who continue to invade our country. This must be stopped and cannot be permitted to continue if we are to survive as a free county. Congress needs to pass laws to address illegal immigration now before it is to late. The influx of illegal youngsters is the latest disaster, and they must be rounded up and deported to the countries they came from.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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