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Child migrants have put America under siege [Letter]

The graffiti artists in Carroll County may be spelling-challenged but their message is clear ("Carroll's revealing 'illeagle' graffiti," July 15).

Moreover that message is becoming clear all over the United States as we watch in horror what's happening at the border. It good to see so many citizens will take a stand against the government's plan to foist thousands of illegal migrants on our communities. This is not a political issue at all.

We are on pace to having 75,000 undocumented child migrants in our midst this year, and to say that is a mere 0.02 percent of the population is to forget these folks are criminals. They knowingly broke our laws and expect taxpayers to care for them. I doubt any nation in the world would consider increasing its population this way.

When you look at the migrants surging over the border, they are not all unaccompanied children. If we "need to share the responsibility" of caring for these folks, why isn't Mexico picking up some of the burden? After all, that country, which has much stricter immigration laws than ours, was the transit route for the migrants.

America hasn't fought a defensive conflict since the War of 1812 and we've forgotten the tactics. I look upon the "unaccompanied children" as a human shield to soften us up for the real invasion. How ironic we will be celebrating the Star-Spangled Spectacular in September when our country is under siege once again.

Roz Nester

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