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Baltimore has lost two great men

An "icon" is a person who is very successful, admired and well-known. Baltimore has lost two icons recently. Edward "Eddie" Dopkin died last week of leukemia. Eddie was the owner of Miss Shirley's Café and an owner of his family's catering business. About 14 months ago, another Baltimore icon, Patrick "Scunny" McCusker, died. Scunny was the owner of Mama's on the Half Shell and Nacho Mama's restaurants in Canton.

I had the privilege of being friends with Eddie and Scunny. Eddie was the mayor of Cold Spring Lane while Scunny was the mayor of Canton. Both were driven to satisfy their customers and serve their communities. Eddie was a huge benefactor in Roland Park, most notably toward the Roland Park Public Library. Scunny was a major supporter of the Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation and its house in Canton. Neither man ever met a charity or friend that they did not support.

Their energies, creativities and humanities were unique and leave a lasting legacy that I hope others will follow.

Stanley S. Fine, Baltimore

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