Shooting animals is tragedy, not triumph

It was with great sadness that I saw the photos in The Sun of hunters posing triumphantly next to the carcasses of the animals that they had shot and killed in Africa ("Africa calls adventurous hunters," Jan. 29). Included in the photos were a dead water buffalo, lion, nyala, oryx and elephant.

Isn't there a way for people to derive enjoyment from these magnificent animals' existence without causing their often painful demise? In Africa, there are safaris that offer tourists the opportunity to photograph wildlife in preserves and parks in their natural habitat. Tracking animals and taking their pictures can be thrilling and adventurous as well as hugely rewarding. It would be so phenomenal if people allowed these animals to live out the rest of their lives without the threat of being hunted down and carved up as "trophies" for someone's wall.

Sally Yost, Baltimore

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