Huguely trial highlights danger of alcohol abuse

There are may lessons to be learned from the case of George Huguely and Yeardley Love ("Teammates saw signs of trouble, but failed to act," Feb. 10). Among them is that alcoholism and aggression are real issues that need to be addressed.

We all know that alcohol changes the brain, causing some to react in violent ways. For those with prior anger issues, the violence likely intensifies with the addition of alcohol and other substances.

Mr. Huguely had consumed 15 drinks on the day of the incident, and other testimony suggests he suffered from anger issues.

As a society we need to be more proactive in seeking help for those who are struggling and to intervene with love. There are many wonderful resources — among them, the National Alliance on Mental Illness — that can be of assistance. My heart goes out to the families of Ms. Love and Mr. Huguely.

Kate Glorioso, Baltimore

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