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Hug made major contributions to Baltimore's institutions

The obituary for Richard E. Hug (May 7) fell far short of honoring the legacy of a man who dedicated so many years to helping make Baltimore's non-profits better able to fulfill their missions.

While the obit focused on Dick's political fundraising, it did not recognize the contributions he made to organizations such as Kennedy Krieger Institute, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, to name but a few. He was a founding board member of the aquarium. It was Dick Hug who insisted (over the protestations of staff) that Kennedy begin Kindergala which for so many years was one of the most exciting and successful events in Baltimore.

The list goes on and on. It is important that Baltimore take a moment to salute the memory of Richard E. Hug and his contributions to making Baltimore a better place.

Gretta P. Estey

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