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Ft. Howard development will be a national model for veterans' housing

Kudos to reporter Alison Knezevich's excellent article on Ft. Howard's multi-use development project ("Fort Howard multi-use project marches on," March 18). Here are some other aspects of the future development that were left out:

First, it must be made affordable to veterans on either Social Security or Veterans Administration monthly disability pension checks. So far, the quoted housing price ranges have not reflected that financial reality.

Second, it will most likely affect veterans from the Korean War onward, since by the time it is built most of the World War II veterans will no longer be with us.

Third, the partnering with non-veteran seniors is necessary to guarantee that it will be built at all, as the government will not have the funds for only vets to live there for another decade at least. Private money will be needed to make it a reality.

Finally, since the current roads can't handle the projected traffic, more imaginative means of getting into and out of the project will be needed, and they are at hand: by boat, elevated car ramps and light rail.

Ft. Howard will serve as an important national model for all future veterans housing developments. If we get it right there, the others will follow all the more easily.

Blaine Taylor, Towson

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