'House of Cards' addresses all that is wrong with U.S. politics [Letter]

I read commentator Anis Shivani's critique of the American version of "House of Cards" before I started watching the second season. A after watching the first episode of Season 2, it reinforced my opinion that this TV series captures the American political and business climate of today ("U.S. House of Cards lacks soul," Feb. 13).

I have not seen the original British series. While the original may have "awakened the viewer's consciousness" and been a commentary on the Thatcher years, this version addresses all that is wrong with American politics.

Our elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents. Yet more and more it seems all they are concerned with is staying in power. How is that done? By controlling information, giving sound-bytes and appearing on talk shows — both political and entertainment.

Does this mean the American version is sheer entertainment? You betcha! And what wonderful entertainment it is. We know that this is all make believe. These characters could not get away with half of the stuff that happens.

Yet as I continue to watch, I see that the power-grabbing characters on the show are so like their real life counterparts. After all, the only character with a real conscience gets killed.

The real brilliance of "House of Cards" is how a British series about British politics can translate to an American series about American politics. And who knows, maybe our version will awaken someone's conscience and that will then lead to change.

Michelle Peyton

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