Four million reasons to keep 'House of Cards' [Letter]

There are four million reasons to give "House of Cards" all of the Maryland TV and film tax incentives it needs ("Tax breaks for 'House of Cards' short by millions," April 9). An hour-long drama shot in Los Angeles or New York City costs $1 million an episode. "House of Cards" costs $4 million an episode. The sets are top of the line, and there is no pinching of dollars. "Veep" is hard pressed to even get close to $1 million an episode. If "House of Cards" needs 30 extras, they bring 45. Why? Because they can . "Veep," because it is a sitcom, has smaller sets and uses fewer extras and crew. Maryland should say good bye, "Veep," hello "House of Cards"!

D. Richardson, Catonsville

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